The Team 

​Kicks for the City is comprised of two individuals who came together to help the city they love. Inspired by the spirit of Detroit and a passion for shoes, Michael Kuper and Cory Manoogian are on their toes to help this city.  Detroit provided their families with freedom and opportunity.  It served as a refuge from the terror and persecution from which their families were escaping. Kicks for the City was created as a way to give back.  Michael is currently a student at Wayne State Law and resides in Detroit.  Cory is a student seeking a career in medicine. Realizing that their love for shoes will always remain, Michael and Cory want to use their passion for a good cause and give back to the city that has given them so much.

Our Mission

The Lives We Impact

Our hope is that Kicks for the City has a positive impact on the community.  If it means a young child has the shoes needed to be come a skilled athlete, perhaps behave better in school or keep his/her feet warm, then we have achieved our goal.   


It is our belief that people are able to do great things when given the opportunity.  We would love to give people the chance to improve their lives through the shoes we give them.  We know that all of their problems cannot be solved by giving them a pair of shoes.  However, that will not stop us from thinking  the contributions from our community, generated through Kicks for the City, can give the less fortunate one less thing to worry about.    

Donations will be made to homeless shelters and other forms of public housing and social services.  Kicks for the city will hold events, as well as 24/7 around-the-clock operating hours for people who cannot wait to donate.  We are here to make everyone's life easier, which includes people who wish to help and/ or donate.  

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure.  No one believes this more than Kicks for the City.  We are a non-profit organization committed to the idea that we can make a difference.  Kicks for the City seeks to provide footwear for people who need it.   The greatest reward in the world is helping others. The footwear we give provides people the means with which they can afford something else of need, or perhaps, become more mobile on their feet.  For some, it may be their only mode of transportation.  Our goal is to make it so the people we help have one less thing to worry about, so they can, as Tribe Called Quest once said can, "keep it movin."

For inquiries about donations or getting involved, please contact:

Cory Manoogian 248 310 8051

Michael Kuper 248 505 94 74